Leonardo's association with Farnham was first established in 1968, when scientific development of rugged systems began to make a strong entrance into the electronic world. For the past 30 years, Farnham has been home to Tactical Systems and EW Test Solutions, employing a team of advanced engineers and designers.

The Surrey facility has grown considerably over the past three decades and now houses the main design, development and manufacturing for product development and integration for tactical computing, networking products, systems engineering and integration for 'Command on the Move' mission systems. Additionally the facility is well-known for EW test and simulation systems design for complex airborne defence systems as the threat of electronic warfare grows.

Transport links

The Farnham site is only 40 miles from London, and is located on the west side of Farnham off the A31, easily reached from the M3 or A3, or by South Western Rail direct from London Waterloo.

About the local area

Farnham is an ancient town which sits next to the River Wey, where 1900 years ago the Romans built a Pottery and a bath house on the east side of town near the ‘Six Bells’. In the year 688, the Saxon King Caedwalla gave the place known as ‘Fern-hamme’ to the Bishop of Winchester, one of whom, Henry of Blois (a grandson of William the Conqueror) built a castle and Palace above the town in 1139, which has hosted almost every Monarch since King John in 1200.

The strategic importance of Farnham mid way between Winchester and London meant the town suffered a siege during the Civil War in 1640s. For a 1000 years Farnham was notable for its water mills mentioned in the Domesday Book. Later it became famous for its Hops which were the most prized in the country. Many of those Hop Merchants built fine Georgian town houses which make the town a delight to lovers of 18th century architecture.

Notable ‘Farnhamians’ include essayist and Politician William Cobbett, automobile inventor John Henry Knight, Formula One World Champion Mike Hawthorn and England Rugby World Cup winner Jonny Wilkinson.

Farnham contact details

Silvertree, Coxbridge Business Park, Alton Road, Farnham, Surrey, GU10 5EH
Tel: + 44 (0)1252 730500
Fax: + 44 (0)1252 730530

Career opportunities in Farnham

Career opportunities in Farnham

We offer job opportunities at our Farnham site covering a variety of job roles including engineers, programme and project managers, IT business analysts and many more.