Operational Technology Cyber Protection

Many organisations depend on their Operational Technology (OT) estates and production environments, largely comprised of critical, disparate and legacy elements. Due to the advent of i4.0 and operational innovation, these operational technology landscapes are changing. The approach to securing OT needs to adapt in turn, to ensure resilience of these changing landscapes and to enable, rather than prevent, the most effective use of new capabilities and services.

After many years of unregulated growth  with little focus on confidentiality, deliberate segregation from the corporate environment, and often lack of asset and configuration management  implementing cyber security and resilience into OT environments remains a significant challenge.

As more organisations embed connected and digital technologies into their operational environments, protecting these OT estates from inadvertent cyber exposure or malicious attack becomes increasingly critical and difficult.

Leonardo as your OT Security Partner

As one of a few NCSC-certified OT Security Providers, Leonardo combines years of hands-on engineering expertise working in highly complex, critical operational environments with domain expertise in cyber security to offer innovative OT/ICS security solutions. We provide a breadth of services to support customers’ OT requirements throughout their programmes – from initial assessment and review, through to hands-on engineering support, into managed services and capability development.

Our offerings are built on experienced, multi-disciplinary teams across consultancy, GRC, engineering and security operations professionals. We help organisations achieve their objectives through our bespoke, customer-led approach that is agnostic to vendors and technologies, using methodologies aligned to international industry standards and best practice.

Our OT security team will:

  • Identify where and how to start your OT security journey
  • Assess your current security and resilience posture and maturity
  • Discover the key components of your OT estates
  • Develop your OT security strategy, architecture and standards
  • Implement security controls to secure your operational environments
  • Enable the secure deployment of innovative new technologies into legacy environments
  • Establish protective monitoring to detect and respond to security events in your operational environments 
  • Utilise simulation and OT cyber exercising to support development of capability and incident readiness

Protect your information through cyber security

Leonardo is certified in the National Cyber Security Centre's Cyber Security Consultancy framework.

Protect your information through cyber security

Cyber Security Job Opportunities

Cyber Security Job Opportunities

We are recruiting cyber security experts with strong analytical skills and experienced professionals in network security event management.