Future Horizons: The Tempest Podcast

Team Tempest (RAF, BAE Systems, Leonardo, MBDA and Rolls-Royce) is releasing a new six-part podcast series, in which you can listen to some of the fascinating thoughts, insights and predictions from the innovators, engineers and thinkers behind Team Tempest.

Hosted by Leonardo's Zevi Watmough, the series introduces the Team Tempest partners and explores the capability, economic impact and skills advancement offered as part of this exciting new programme.

Episode 2 – In the second episode, we discuss the implications of the UK Government's Integrated Review for Tempest and the aerospace industry, and speak to industry experts on the concept of 'Information Advantage', where having better information provides an edge in combat.

Episode 1 – In the first episode, we speak to some of the key industry players who share their honest and personal views on the current climate and the road ahead for the programme, which is set to define the next generation of Combat Air System capability.

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