The Incubator

Bringing ideas to reality

Designed from the ground up to encourage a culture of creativity, curiosity and energy, the Incubator is open for collaboration and is envisioned as an engine for turning ideas into business reality.

Located in the heart of Edinburgh – a city steeped in a history of technological innovation – the Incubator will provide Partnered Solutions Services for Leonardo in the UK by drawing upon neighbouring academic institutions and tech start-ups to foster a community of interest dedicated to investigating fresh approaches to business challenges.

With state-of-the-art IT and collaboration tools, the Incubator will facilitate new ways of working, encourage experimentation and provide the perfect platform for collaboration between Leonardo, industry, government, academia and customer communities.

Through a programme of Skills Development programmes, Lectures and Workshops and Networking and Engagement Events, the Incubator aims to become a centre for forward thinking and the exchange of innovative thinking.

The Incubator offers those with alternative business ideas and disruptive technology an opportunity to partner with one of the UK’s technology and engineering giants. It offers an inclusive and collaborative environment in which to explore concepts that can help transform Leonardo’s future business and ultimately provide sustainable benefit to our customers worldwide.