13 October 2020

Leonardo is hosting AeroWomen21 in June 2021, celebrating, educating and uniting Women in Aerospace, whether they are working in industry or aspiring to join those who already are.

Aerospace can be accused of suffering from gender disparity, something the sector is working extremely hard to bring balance to. However, we can always do more. AeroWomen21 is an event that will be celebrating, educating and uniting Women in Aerospace, whether they are working in industry or aspiring to join those who already are.

On 23 June 2021, an event will take place at Leonardo Helicopters in Yeovil, with female attendees from Aerospace companies and organisations, universities, female-centred charities and local female students aged 16 and 17 (Yr12). This event will provide an excellent networking opportunity between those women who have established careers in Aerospace, as well as create a platform for the future generation to meet potential employers and understand that there is space for them in this arena.

The event aims to:

  • Showcase and celebrate the history of Women in Aerospace
  • Invite women in industry to share their career paths, highlighting the plethora of different ways that a woman can be successful in this sector
  • Deliver a set of pragmatic and engaging workshops to promote the skills needed to have a purposeful and successful career in aerospace
  • Educate all attendees
  • Increase diversity in the candidates who apply for apprenticeships, graduate schemes and STEM courses for stakeholders
  • Create an association of Women in Aerospace that exists beyond the event, in the form of an invitation-only LinkedIn group that will offer solidarity and networking for all involved

We hope to achieve this by creating a cross generational networking group, inclusive of women in industry and students studying STEM based A-level subjects. It is the hope that this network group will continue to grow and develop as this event expands over the coming years.

The agenda for the day will consist of:

  • A meet and greet to welcome all guests to the AeroWomen21 event
  • Special guest speakers from women in aerospace who will share their experiences within the industry
  • Workshops for all guests, to encourage the development of skills required for a successful career in aerospace
  • A tour of our Leonardo Helicopters site to showcase our impressive build line
  • Dinner at Thorne House for special guests and speakers at the event

We will be offering the opportunity for the companies and organisations involved in the event to contribute some recruitment material to be handed out to the students at the end of the day’s event. After the event, each attendee will be invited to join a group on LinkedIn that is exclusively for the event attendees and will allow for any networking opportunities to continue afterwards.