Leonardo Helicopters apprentices and graduates celebrate successful year of fundraising

19 October 2020

On Friday 25 September, several apprentices and graduates at Leonardo Helicopters UK finished their year-long positions on the Leonardo Helicopters Apprentice & Graduate Association Committee.

Formed over 30 years ago, the association works to provide a social environment for current and recent apprentices and graduates at the Yeovil site. Alongside this, the association nominates a charity or community cause to support each year by volunteering and fundraising on site.

Starting on 27 September 2019, the trainees established a partnership with the Yeovil Hospital Charity to raise money for their Breast Cancer Unit Appeal. The unit, which has a fundraising goal of £2 million, will provide a single location for all breast cancer services at the hospital which have previously been spread across the hospital estate.

Whilst charitable activities have been limited by the ongoing pandemic, the association and employees on site have continued to raise money where possible, organising digital bake off competitions, quizzes and even developing a cookbook.

These events, coupled with the fundraising completed earlier in the year, has led to a donation of £20,306.85 to the Breast Cancer Unit Appeal. With nearly £8,000 raised since the end of March 2020, it has really demonstrated what can be achieved when people pull together. The outgoing Committee Chair, Luke Elam, said: “It has been a pleasure to work with James and Sarah from the Yeovil Hospital Charity over the last year and to support them and the community in their fundraising for the Breast Cancer Unit Appeal. Whilst the events of this year were certainly unexpected, it’s great to know that our committee and all the employees on site are partnered with a project that will have a real impact on the community for a long time to come. I look forward to seeing what the new committee has planned.”

The baton will now fall to the new committee who will continue the partnership initiated with the Yeovil Hospital Charity last year. In light of the events of this year, Leonardo Helicopters and the Yeovil Hospital Charity are also pleased to announce that the partnership will be extended for an additional year, ensuring that the Breast Cancer Unit Appeal receives the support it needs.