Martin Fielding

07 June 2021
Senior Project Manager

Meet Martin, an ex-forces Senior Project Manager who joined Leonardo after leaving the military, and has now returned after some time away from the company.

What is your current role at Leonardo?

I am a Project Manager looking after Leonardo’s US BriteCloud projects, delivering into the US Navy and US Air National Guard.

How has Leonardo helped support you as a former member of the Armed Forces?

Leonardo provided a fantastic opportunity for me when I left the military. When I was working at Leonardo’s Lincoln office, I was surrounded by colleagues who were also ex-military, which provided a great transition environment. I was given great opportunities from the Systems Engineering Integration team, who allowed me to progress my goal of becoming a Project Manager. The role of Work Package Manager was the first step, and it really allowed me to prove myself.

How do you think your career in the UK Armed Forces now helps your role with Leonardo?

My career in the RAF ended with specialising in Electronic Warfare programming on the Tornado and Common Jamming Pod (CJP). This helped me because the first role I had with Leonardo related directly to the role I did in the RAF, so it was interesting to see it from the other side. Working on the CJP was an insight into Leonardo, having been part of the initial trial of the equipment in the US. It was fairly similar to BriteCloud, which helps me today, as I am planning on delivering this training as a Project Manager with company experts in the US across 3 different states.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I love the daily challenge and am excited about the potential opportunity for the business. The BriteCloud success in the US is so important, and knowing I have been trusted with it is fantastic; it drives me to deliver. The time zone differences are interesting, as it means I am still answering emails until nine or ten o’clock at night, but this was expected and helps me to build relationships.

What has been your greatest achievement at Leonardo?

Since being at Leonardo, my greatest formal achievement has been my nomination for Role Model of the Year at the British Ex-Forces in Business Awards. I was nominated for the way I transitioned to civilian life while maintaining a link with my forces colleagues, and helping them make the transition. I believe I was also nominated due to my career development, moving from aircraft technician to Project Manager and delivering US BriteCloud Projects. I view career progression as one of my other greatest achievements at Leonardo; I have gone from a Customer Trainer, Assistant PM, Senior Programme Manager, and now hold a fantastic role with the Countermeasures IPT. This has been a huge upwards spiral in four or five years.

Would you recommend Leonardo as a place to work for other ex-Armed Forces members, or reservists?

I would and still do recommend Leonardo when in conversation with ex-forces members and reservists. With the new custom working arrangements, Leonardo can take advantage of more and more military talent for whom it is not convenient to travel to a main site every day, but still have the valued skills and experience they can bring to the team.