Our Approach

At Leonardo we know that true inclusion is achieved not only through the diversity of our people but also through diversity of thought action and intent.

A truly inclusive culture is everyone’s responsibility. No matter where you are within our company or what level you are, everyday inclusion is created and led by our people.

We have designed a fresh approach to deliver true inclusion and diversity of thought across Leonardo that will allow each and every one of our people to get involved.

Our approach is delivered across a three-pillar and project-based model which includes:

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Pillar 1 aligns closely to our strategy and business priorities to bring to life the commercial imperative of inclusion in our workplace.
Pillar 2 focuses on awareness raising and education and the opportunity our people to engage with a wide range of activity across our annual calendar of events.
Pillar 3 drives business as usual as well as supporting continuous improvement in everything we do for our people.
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Driving the strategic approach

We believe that to demonstrate leadership in, ownership of and accountability for our people and our diversity and inclusion work, we need to ensure we have robust governance that does not shy away from challenging decisions.

Through our Executive Inclusion Board and Inclusion Steering Group we have designed a governance model that ensures everyone can be involved and which provides support to make this happen.

This strategic and proactive approach ensures diversity and inclusion is part and parcel of what we do, what we manage and how we make decisions in all Leonardo business activities.

Executive Inclusion Board

The Leonardo Executive Inclusion Board (EIB) is the owner of and decision making body for our UK Diversity & Inclusion Programme.

Leading the broader discussion of key strategic items across Leonardo to establish and embed an inclusive culture in everything we do, the EIB discusses, reviews and monitors overarching performance and progress and reports to the Leonardo Executive Committee (ExCo) on an annual basis.

Inclusion Steering Group

The Leonardo Inclusion Steering Group (ISG) is the operational delivery body that acts both as an advisory and recommendation body to the Executive Inclusion Board.

Reporting to the EIB on a quarterly basis, the ISG is responsible for the overarching performance and progress of the programme by owning delivery of all elements of the programme.

Like the Executive Inclusion Board, the ISG demonstrates UK wide leadership and ownership for diversity and inclusion. As the key sponsor for our network groups, the ISG is made of members drawn from all business areas across the UK.