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Eurofighter Typhoon: Effective, proven, trusted

Leonardo’s share

Typhoon stems from a collaboration between Italy, the United Kingdom, Germany and Spain, with industrial participation from Leonardo’s Aircraft business (with 19% programme share and the final assembly line in Caselle, near Turin), BAE Systems and Airbus Defense and Space. With avionics and sensors also developed by the company’s Electronics business, Leonardo’s total programme share rises to 36%.

A Powerful Combat Aircraft

A twin-engine, supersonic, single or two-seat multi-role combat aircraft, Typhoon incorporates the latest technologies and is manufactured with the use of advanced materials, industrial processes and assembly techniques. The fusion of the aircraft’s on-board active and passive sensors provides pilots with superior situational awareness and a net-centric operational capability.

Situational Awareness

Leonardo leads the Euroradar consortium responsible for developing the Typhoon’s future primary sensor, the Captor-E radar. Evolving the capability of the Captor-M radar, Captor-E gives the pilot an enhanced wide field of regard which offers significant benefits for both Air-to-Air and Air-to-Surface engagements.

Tracking Targets

Developed by the Leonardo-led Eurofirst international consortium, the Pirate Infra-Red Search and Track (IRST) allows the Typhoon aircrew to simultaneously detect and track single or multiple targets across a wide field of regard against the most heavily congested operational environment.

On-board Protection

Offering a comprehensive suite of electronic support measures and countermeasures, the Praetorian Defensive Aids Sub System developed by the Leonardo-led EuroDASS consortium, greatly enhancing Eurofighter Typhoon’s ability to avoid, evade, counter and survive evolving threats.

In-Service Support

Through long-term partnership agreements, Leonardo is providing in-service support to the Typhoon fleets of the Royal Air Force and Aeronautica Militare – helping to improve the availability of the aircraft and saving costs.

Operational Around the World

The Typhoon entered service with the Royal Air Force in 2003 and with the Aeronautica Militare in 2004. Along with the other 2 four partner nations, who have already ordered 472 Typhoons, international customers include Saudi Arabia (72 aircraft), Austria (15), Oman (12), Kuwait (28) and Qatar (24), making a total of 623 aircraft ordered so far.

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